Welcome to the Voice and Swallowing Research Lab at East Carolina University. The Lab is directed by Dr. Balaji Rangarathnam, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at ECU. The primary focus of the lab is to understand neurophysiology of swallowing and neuroplasticity in relation to swallowing functions. Our research focus is as follows:

1. Investigating the contribution of brain structures, other than the traditionally accepted cortical (premotor cortex) and the medullary brainstem structures, to healthy swallowing. Specifically, we are interested in understanding the role of cerebellum in healthy swallowing and recovery from dysphagia.

2. Understand neural reorganization during recovery from swallowing impairment caused due to stroke. Do structures within the cortex compensate for lost functions or other structures and circuits not recruited in healthy swallowing contribute in compensation or reorganization.

3. Development of neural models of normal swallowing and predict patterns of dysphagia due to injury to different areas of the brain.

4. Identify markers of differential diagnosis of Muscle tension dysphonia and Spasmodic dysphonia.

5. Develop efficacious treatment methods for vocal hyperfunction.

We are located in Room 2310-J and 2310-M, Health Sciences Building, Greenville, NC, 27834.

Interested in our research? Join the lab!

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